• Our Philosophy
International equity management is our only business. A multi-cultural, multi-national "lens" allows us to distinctively uncover, examine and invest in dynamic opportunities throughout the world.
We seek to truly and intricately understand the companies we invest in. We scrutinize current valuations and historic fundamentals, meet with management, and study a company's competitors. We focus on adding value to client portfolios through bottom-up stock selection, rather than relying on the precarious fortunes of market timing or currency hedging.
HGI operates on a single principle: Invest in extraordinary industry-leading companies with sustainable competitive advantage.
We serve our investors' needs by offering a growth investment style. The essential elements that define our approach are:
  • Bottom-up fundamental research
  • Focus on quality
  • Hands-on international markets experience in both boom and bust cycles
  • Time-tested consistent methods
  • An infrastructure custom-built for international investing, encompassing electronic trading, administration, marketing, legal and compliance support
The Long-Term View
We are patient, long-term investors—ever wary of fads and the predictions of financial "experts." We are more concerned with the inherent value of stable companies, strong products and sound management than with the movements of share prices and market trends. Consequently, we concentrate on the underlying economic and business fundamentals of each investment. This strategy minimizes portfolio turnover and typically allows us to hold positions for an average of two to five years.