• Our Mission
HGI helps clients meet their financial goals by consistently seeking to provide risk-adjusted performance that exceeds their expectations. We pursue this mission while emphasizing high ethical and professional standards.
The principles we articulate as "Core Values" provide continued benefits to our clients and communities. They include:
Client Focus
Action is undertaken in the best interest of our clients.
We recognize that our success relies solely on our clients' success.
We strive to be good corporate citizens and a positive force in our local communities, as well as in the global community.
In all endeavors, we aim to maintain the highest levels of integrity.
We continually seek to improve all aspects of our business through innovation and ingenuity.
Superior Performance
We strive to provide superior performance in all aspects of our business.
We endeavor to create an environment where each of our Team Members can flourish and achieve their highest potential.
An atmosphere of utmost regard and consideration pervades our organization—from clients and shareholders to our colleagues and their families.
We believe a successful team provides results that exceed the sum of any individual contribution.
We realize great synergies through the combined energy and intelligence of all our team members working in collaboration.